5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality During the Summer

5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality During the Summer

With blazing temperatures outside, learn about the best ways to improve indoor air quality at home.

Right now, record-setting scorching temperatures are sweeping the globe, with no signs of cooling off on the horizon. The heat wave has sent many of us scampering indoors, seeking refuge under our AC units. But while the air inside may be cooler, the EPA reports that it’s typically 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air we breathe outdoors.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to ailments ranging from eye, nose, and throat irritation to respiratory diseases, heart disease, cancer, and even a shorter lifespan. Are you now wondering how to improve air quality in the home? There are several easy steps you can take, including looking into purchasing a home air purification system.

Best ways to improve indoor air quality at home

1. Maximize ventilation

While it may be tempting to keep your windows and doors sealed shut when temperatures are blazing outside, a consistent flow of fresh air is critical for enhancing your home’s ventilation. An open and airy home is much less likely to contain high levels of indoor air contaminants.

According to the American Lung Association, proper ventilation is one of the most important factors for creating a safe indoor air environment. The organization recommends:

  • Opening doors and windows regularly, to allow fresh air to enter your home.
  • In kitchens and laundry rooms with gas appliances, using exhaust fans and make sure that all gas appliances vent to the outdoors.
  • Using a dehumidifier if indoor air is particularly moist, as “wet” air provides an ideal breeding ground for molds and bacteria to thrive.

2. Reduce airborne pollutants

Pet dander, cigarette smoke, and even common household cleaning products all have the potential to become airborne pollutants, which remain suspended in the air and significantly reduce indoor air quality. Do your best to mitigate the release of these contaminants by taking proactive steps.

Make sure to groom your pets regularly as they tend to shed more during hotter periods. It’s preferable to keep their coats short during the summer months, both for their comfort and so that you have less hair and dander to manage. Never smoke indoors, and make sure to crack a window when using aerosolized sprays for cleaning.

3. Consider an indoor garden

Potted plants are much more than an interior design improvement. Beyond the opportunity to cultivate an Instagram-worthy green corner, a collection of sprouts, vines or even herbs provide an important benefit – they can serve as natural air purification systems, helping clean indoor air!
You might be surprised to find out just how well indoor plants can help clean your home’s air. In a joint study conducted by the University of Georgia and Yonsei University, the visually striking Snake Plant was found to be super effective at eliminating both benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Creating an indoor plant jungle may provide a boost to the air quality inside your home.

4. Change your filters

Not only do dirty, clogged filters in your air conditioning unit reduce the effectiveness of your device, they may also spread airborne contaminants throughout your home. In order to ensure that your AC isn’t bogged down by dust and other pollutants and spewing those elements into the air, you should switch out your filter once every 90 days.

If you’re a smoker or are a pet owner with a variety of furry friends, you should aim to change your air filter more often. This also applies to people who are particularly sensitive to indoor air pollutants or have allergies. Replace your filter every 45 days for maximum air quality improvement.

5. Invest in a home air purification system

If you don’t have an AC air purification system, learn about the benefits they can offer. TADIRAN AIROW easily fits into an existing HVAC unit, instantly converting your current air conditioner into an active indoor air purifier.

Utilizing water molecules already present in the air, the device transforms H2O to cleansing hydrogen peroxide, which is highly effective at neutralizing airborne contaminants. In FDA-cleared lab tests, the TADIRAN AIROW was proven to eliminate viruses, bacteria and mold by up to 99.999%.

If you’d like to learn more about the best home air purification system to ensure the air you breathe this summer is safe, get in touch with us! We’d love to guide you in your search and help you find the best solution to make sure that you and your loved ones are breathing the cleanest air possible.

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