Clean Air and Safeguarding Health: The Key to Hospitality

After two challenging years of lockdowns and restrictions, restaurants and hotels are slowly bouncing back. But proprietors may be overlooking a secret weapon for getting customers back in the door.

Hotels and restaurants were among the very first casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic’s lockdowns and restrictions. As so-called “leisure venues,” governments all over the globe didn’t hesitate to shutter nearly all businesses in the hospitality industry. But despite being the businesses that closed earliest, they were typically the latest to be re-opened, under schemes that saw retail and commercial centers restored to partial or full function before hotels and restaurants.

Because eateries and lodging are usually crowded, enclosed spaces in which members of different households mix, they have immediately been deemed hotspots for virus spread. And even after widespread vaccine roll-outs, proprietors are still struggling to shake off that negative connotation. Customers have been slow to book accommodations and move away from take-out and delivery, and the return to pre-pandemic revenues for restaurants and hotels has been slow-going.

The pandemic’s devastating effect on hospitality

According to a recent report from the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the hotel industry “experienced the most devastating year on record in 2020, resulting in historically low occupancy, massive job loss and hotel closures across the country.” The report added that the pandemic’s impact on the industry was “nine times” worse than that of 9/11.

Restaurants didn’t fare much better, with experts estimating that some 80,000 American eateries permanently shuttered their doors between March 2020 and December 2021. “It’s an incredibly high-cost, low-profit-margin business, that in the best of times only barely works if you have almost a full house for every meal service that you’re selling,” explains Sean Kennedy, the executive vice president for public affairs at the National Restaurant Association. “If you can make that happen, you have a good shot of getting a 3% to 5% profit margin.”

Add to the mix logistical and supply chain challenges triggered by lockdowns and outbreaks occurring at different times throughout the world, and both restaurants and hotels found themselves with serious challenges around obtaining the supplies and products they need to properly host guests.

Two years after the onset of the pandemic, the hospitality industry is struggling to recover. Cities that were once tourism powerhouses, such as New York and San Francisco, aren’t expected to reach their pre-COVID hotel occupancy rates until 2025. A major part of the reason for that is ongoing fear among customers about contracting COVID while they’re on vacation or traveling for business.

Wooing back guests

But what if proprietors could reassure their customers with the knowledge that the air they are breathing inside these leisure venues is clean and COVID-free? Business owners can potentially play up advanced technology that purifies indoor air as a perk that’s even better than a free glass of bubbly during check-in or a post-meal dessert on the house.

Soothing customers’ fears arout contracting COVID while dining or staying away from home should be proprietors’ priority number one when it comes to attracting guests. While no method is 100% perfect, there are air purifications solutions which are proven to dramatically reduce the COVID virus in indoor air, making an enclosed space virtually COVID-free.


The TADIRAN AIROW hydrogen peroxide-based air purification system is a powerful pathogen eliminator that ensures the air in your space is significantly safer for your guests and employees to breathe. The solution’s unique proprietary technology is highly effective, slashing levels of airborne contaminants like the COVID-19 virus, bacterias, and molds by up to 99.998%.

Leveraging water molecules already present in the air, AIROW transforms H2O into purifying, pathogen-disnfecting hydrogen peroxide. The compound is emitted in tiny amounts that are well below the threshold — 50 times less — than the amount that’s safe to breathe. The plug-and-play, hands-off solution can be seamlessly installed into a hotel or restaurant’s existing HVAC system, and requires virtually no maintenance.

Safeguarding the health of your guests and employees is an integral responsibility of leaders in the hospitality space. In order to provide the best possible experience for your visitors, give them purest air possible with a hydrogen peroxide air purifier. Not only will your guests and employees enjoy peace of mind, you’ll rest easy knowing that the risk of an outbreak at your business is meaningfully lower.

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