Live experiment in a populated movie theater

2 weeks

up to 90% reduction
in mold & bacteria

100 +
Movie theatre

1st of it’s kind
scientific experimet

Tadiran’s Air Purification Technology is Cutting Movie Theater Airborne Bacteria and Mold by up to 88% in first of it's kind live experiment


Cinema City, Israel’s leading cinema chain partnered with Tadiran with its new air purification technology to create the first-ever live test in a populated movie theatre



Keeping Cinema Air Clean for Returning Moviegoers

Cinema City, Israel’s largest movie theater chain, needed to be certain the air in its theaters was clean and safe for returning customers. Because movie theaters are closed indoor spaces, they are a potential hotspot for COVID infections. And after being shuttered for 14 months, some theaters discovered potentially allergy-triggering levels of mold. Ensuring that cinema air is safe has become mission critical.

Avi Edri, CEO of Cinema City, reached out to Tadiran about its patented Air Care O2 air purifier solution for use in their theaters. The solution actively and effectively cleanses indoor air by transforming water molecules already in the air into hydrogen peroxide.


First-of-Its-Kind Air Purification Efficacy Test

Tadiran proposed a unique experiment: Cinema City would test the efficacy of Air Care O2 in the first-of-its-kind live field test, conducted with a live audience present. The experiment protocol was developed by Professor Ariel Kushmaro of Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Israel-based microbiology lab Hylabs executed the procedure and air sampling. 

The test was conducted in theater 28 of Cinema City in Glilot, Israel. The air in the theater was tested for three consecutive days before Air Care O2 was activated. During the experiment, an average of 35 people watched a movie in the theater for two hours each day. The air was then sampled during the three days Air Care O2 was activated, exactly one week after the initial sample was taken. 

The air was sampled from six points in the theater, including the entrance, exit, the center row of seats, the left and right sides of the screen, and the returning air point, where recirculated air that’s traveled throughout the theater is found. Additionally, four samples were taken from every point during each screening.

For years, Cinema City has been searching for a solution that would ensure the air in our theaters is clean. We ran an expansive two-week experiment using Air Care O2 in one of our theaters with a live audience present, and the results were astounding.
Avi Edri, Cinema City CEO


Dramatically Reduced Levels of Bacterias and Molds

After three days of running Air Care O2, researchers found an average reduction of almost 88% in molds. During the initial sampling of the theater’s air, 338 varieties of mold were found. But after 72 hours of operating the Air Care O2, just 42 remained. 

One week after the experiment ended and the Air Care O2 was no longer activated, researchers discovered that the number of molds plunged to 13, meaning that the Air Care O2 had a lasting effect, a mold-neutralizing power that actively purified the air even after the system was turned off. 

Air Care O2 also proved to be highly effective at removing airborne bacteria. The solution slashed airborne bacteria levels by up to 88%

The experiment proved that Air Care O2 significantly reduces levels of airborne bacteria and mold by almost 90%, giving significant reassurance to moviegoers. Even after the system is turned off, it continues to actively cleanse the space, adding huge value to Cinema City’s initial investment in Air Care O2. 

Cinema City is now promoting Tadiran’s system as part of its strategy to attract returning guests.

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