Efficient & Safe Indoor Air Quality

AIR CARE 02 Patented Technology Generates Hydrogen Peroxide that Destroys Viruses, Bacteria and Mold At Up To 99.9988%

AIR CARE O2 provides continuous air purification through an easy-to-use device that fits into air conditioner systems. Our air quality technology takes an active approach to air purification, activating natural molecules in a room to cleanse the air.

How it works

AIR CARE O2 technology breaks O2 into two separate O atoms using a discharge current. The free O atoms combine with H2O molecules found naturally in the air, transforming them into H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). The H2O2 is then distributed throughout the conditioned air space through the AIR CARE O2 device in the air conditioner, cleansing and purifying the air.

Air Care O2 patented technology

is exceptionally effective!

Eliminates up to 99.998% of COVID-19, bacteria and mold

View test results In a one cubic meter test chamber
Revolutionizing Indoor Air Quality


Global recognized patents: automated self-cleaning mechanism & patented method of use


Validated to meet UL 867 ozone requirements & CARB certified


Total cost of ownership with no expenses on maintenance, and part replacement


Continues to purify the air up to 24 hours after the unit is turned off


Built-in monitoring circuit for operation indication with low energy usage


Easy to install in ducted AC system

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Product Specifications

Weight: 0.6 Ibs / 270 g

Dimensions: 4.98″ x 4.05″ x 2.95″ /  126.5 x 103 x 74mm

Low energy usages: 1w

AIR CARE 02 Competitive Edge

Various Applications and Countless Possibilities

Schools providing a healthy, productive environment for students and staffs
Residental Keeping our homes safe
Automotive Taking clean air with you, even on the go
Healthcare & Medical Providing clean air for the most critical spaces Industrial Ensuring indoor sites are safe and clean
Manufacturing Covering health & safety concerns, across sectors
Agriculture Treat the air directly in the greenhouse without harmful byproducts
Commercial Maintaining our working space healthy and clean

Listen to the experts talk about the Aircarevolution

“”it would be effective against any type of respiratory disease that is naturally transmitted through an aerosol and infecting someone else when they inhale it”.

Jamie Balarashti, CEO & President, Aerosol Research and Engineering labs.

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The Science of Air Care Technology, Explained By The Experts

Scientifically tested efficacy

According to chamber experiments, Air Care O2’s technology is most effective at eliminating airborne bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Naama Lang-Yona, PhD, Environmental Microbiologist

Extensive testing shows that Tadiran’s Air Care O2 air purifying technology is extremely effective at neutralizing and eliminating airborne bacteria, mold, and viruses. Tadiran’s groundbreaking new technology, which releases hydrogen peroxide molecules into the air, marks a new era in air purification. Air Care 02’s unique purification method is extremely effective at removing bacteria, mold, and viruses . Recent tests conducted in leading international labs support this claim and show a reduction of up to 99.999%.

* Dr. Naama Lang-Yona and Dr. Gal Adiv both serve on Tadiran’s scientific advisory board and receive compensation from Tadiran for their objective work
Behind the technology

Air Care O 2 produces and distributes hydrogen peroxide, a compound that
attacks bacteria and viruses in the air

Gal Adiv, Ph.D, Ecologist

Air Care O2 ’s primary method for purifying air is the use of a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to eliminate pathogens. The use of hydrogen peroxide for this purpose is considered safe worldwide. The purpose of the device is to produce hydrogen peroxide in a gaseous state, which attacks bacteria and viruses present in the air. In light of the worldwide use of H2O2 technology, this technology can safely act as part of a home air purification system against pathogens. The  hydrogen peroxide producer within the Air Care O2 unit is safely enclosed in an internal box and is ozone safe.

* Dr. Naama Lang-Yona and Dr. Gal Adiv both serve on Tadiran’s scientific advisory board and receive compensation from Tadiran for their objective work
Unparalleled protection

Air Care O2 performed beyond my expectations, reducing airborne bacteria and viruses by up to 99.99998% during tests at my lab

Jamie Balarashti, President & CEO, Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories

The Air Care O2 was tested specifically against viruses and other live organisms, and achieved greater than a 4 log reduction. This means that Air Care O2 removed up to 99.99998% of the aerosolized microorganisms during the test.

Air Care O2 performed beyond expectations and has proven to be super effective against any type of respiratory contaminant that is naturally transmitted through an aerosol and infectious to someone inhaling it. This means the device provides meaningful protection against RNA viruses similar to COVID, like MS2.

When testing against airborne viruses, it’s critical to test with a key particle size, reflective of the tiny size of these viruses, in order to gauge disease prevention. We tested Air Care O2 multiple times against MS2, an RNA virus similar to COVID but much smaller in size than COVID. Air Care O2 passed the test with flying colors.

** The tests of Tadiran’s Air Care O2 performed at ARE Laboratories were commissioned by Tadiran. ARE Laboratories is an FDA-cleared lab that carried out the testing in a neutral setting according to industry-wide scientific standards.
About Air Care O2 Efficacy

I oversaw a live field experiment in the Cinema City movie theatre, a populated uncontrolled environment, the results proved Tadiran’s Air Care O2’s ability to reduce up to 88% of the molds and approximately 80 % the bacteria in a populated movie theatre.

Research by Prof. Ariel Kushmaro, PhD, Professor of Microbiology

Tadiran’s AIR CARE O2 is a unique air purification technology that is highly effective. The AIR CARE O2 technology fractures Oxygen (O2) into two separate “O” molecules by using a discharge current. These “free O” atoms combine with the H2O molecules in the airflow, transforming into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The H2O2 is then distributed through the indoor unit of the air conditioner into the conditioned living space , oxidizing and killing microorganisms.

On the results of first of it's kind live experiment in a populated movie theater

The results were very impressive, with a significant reduction in some areas in airborne molds and bacteria while using the system

Dr Roni Cohen, VP Service Labs at Hylabs

The results were very impressive, with a significant reduction in some areas in airborne molds and bacteria while using the system. That means less bacteria and molds that the audience is breathing during the movie – contaminants that would otherwise irritate people’s respiratory tract. In scientific terms, these are very important results.

Hylabs sampled the air and analyzed the results for the live experiment in a populated movie theater done by Tadiran in collaboration with Cinema City

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