AIR CARE O2 provides continuous air purification through an easy-to-use device that fits into air conditioner systems. Our air quality technology takes an active approach to air purification, activating natural molecules in a room to cleanse the air.


How it works

AIR CARE O2 technology breaks O2 into two separate O atoms using
a discharge current. The free O atoms combine with H2O molecules found naturally in the air, transforming them into H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).

The H2O2 is then distributed throughout the conditioned air space through the AIR CARE O2 device in the air conditioner, cleansing and purifying the air.

Plug & Play
A simple solution that
fits AC systems

Dimensions (in):
4.98″ x 4.05″ x 2.95“; weight: 0.6 lbs

Dimensions (mm):
126.5x103x74mm, weight: 270g

Low energy use: 1W

Light indicator: Signals when the device is fully operational
or in auto-clean mode.

Continuous air purification,
with zero maintenance

AIR CARE O2 easily integrates with existing AC systems, purifying the air for hours after the unit is turned off.
Its long-lasting effect, together with low energy use and self-cleaning mechanism, makes it a perfect solution for any space.


The Air Care O2


Clean air wherever you are

Schools providing a healthy, productive environment for students and staffs
Residental Keeping our homes safe
Automotive Taking clean air with you, even on the go
Healthcare &Medical Providing clean air for the most critical spaces
Industrial Ensuring indoor sites are safe and clean
Manufacturing Covering health & safety concerns, across sectors
Agriculture Treat the air directly in the greenhouse without harmful byproducts
Commercial Maintaining our working space healthy and clean

Air Care O2 patented technology
is exceptionally effective!
Eliminates up to 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and mold

Eliminates bacteria, viruses and mold found indoors
Tested and approved by leading international labs
Long lasting effect, even when AC is turned off
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Best-in-class air purification technology
Revolutionizing indoor air quality

Patented Technology

Ozone Free

Zero Maintenance

Long Lasting

Operating Indicator

Plug & Play

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Listen to the experts talk about the Aircarevolution

“”it would be effective against any type of respiratory disease that is naturally transmitted through an aerosol and infecting someone else when they inhale it”.

Jamie Balarashti, CEO & President, Aerosol Research and Engineering labs.

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