These are Australia’s Top 10 HVAC Distributors for 2022

These are Australia’s Top 10 HVAC Distributors for 2022

From boutique, regionally-focused organizations to multinational corporations, here are the top HVAC distributors leading the Australian market.

Clean air was once a niche issue but now features prominently as mission-critical in many people’s minds. The COVID-19 pandemic sparked greater awareness around indoor air quality and its effect on our lives, and millions of Australians are now focusing on how to ensure that the HVAC systems in their homes can also be utilized to protect them from airborne diseases.

HVAC distributors are often the first place that people turn to learn more about air care technology, and Australian HVAC suppliers are in a unique position to offer their expertise and guidance.

The renewed interest in HVAC systems and their operational efficiency is also growing among businesses. According to the Australian government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems account for up to 50% of a commercial building’s energy use, along with its electricity consumption.

Because of an HVAC system’s potential impact on everything from monthly electricity bills to the bottom line, choosing an HVAC provider is a critical decision for business owners and site managers.

From boutique, regionally-focused organizations serving specific states to multinational corporations and their Australian subsidiaries, here are the top HVAC distributors leading the Australian market.


1. Trane Australia

Air conditioning system supplier Trane has a well-earned reputation for excellence and reliability in the Australian HVAC space. Holding a staggering 900 U.S. patents, this international air specialist’s Australia division is known for its innovation and tried-and-true methodology. The organization was founded in 1885, Trane has expanded its foothold in the HVAC world over the last century. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, uses Trane for its HVAC needs.

2. iTemp
iTemp has 10 years of industry knowledge and is a leading distribution company of Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning components for Australia and New Zealand.
iTemp is a sole distributor of Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning components in Australia and New Zealand. A small sample from the extensive product list exists, which includes iStands, switches, Pro1 Thermostats, and iDuct PVC duct.
iTemp has the capacity to develop, design and manufacture innovative products to suit customer specifications.

3. Daikin Australia

Established in 1969, this prominent air conditioning supplier is focused on all aspects of HVAC, including air purification and ventilation. Daikin prides itself on its local connections, noting that its products are certified as being made in Australia. The company embodies its values and prioritization of stellar indoor quality and sustainability via its Sydney headquarters, which won
a 5 star NABERS (energy efficiency) rating from the Australian Government.

4. Panasonic Australia

An Australian owned and operated private company, Panasonic is a prominent air conditioning distributor. Founded in 1989, Panasonic is a major supplier of cooling and heating solutions for customers both in the residential and commercial spaces. The company employs some 45 air care professionals, who have over 100 years collective experience in the field.

5. Fourways Air Conditioning Australia

A multinational company with a presence in 17 countries, Fourways has been an HVAC market leader in Australia for over 4 years and internationally for around two decades. The air conditioning company provides both international and domestic brands of HVAC supplies to residential, commercial, and office spaces. They have offices and warehouses throughout the country, in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia, ensuring that they can serve customers across the nation.

6. Independent air conditioning solutions (IACS)
Independent Air Conditioning Solutions (IACS) distributes an extensive range of air conditioning and air handling systems. IACS have been designing and providing unique application solutions to the air conditioning industry across Australia for over 20 years.
IACS is a fully owned and operated Australian enterprise.

7. Beijer Ref Australia

Beijer Ref Australia is the Oceania division of the world’s largest global refrigeration wholesaler. With offices in 38 countries and a staggering 4,100 employees, Beijer Ref has approximately 100,000 worldwide customers. In Australia, Beijer Ref focuses primarily on commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. Sustainability and minimizing environmental impact is an important priority for the company, which says on its site that it continuously works to reduce waste.

8. AAD (Australian Air Conditioning Distributors)

Australian Air Conditioning Distributors (AAD) is a major wholesaler providing HVAC systems, spare parts, supplies, and components throughout Australia. The company is an authorized reseller of top international brands. AAD services both small scale residential and larger commercial or industrial sites. With multiple warehouses in Australia, the company prides itself on the easy accessibility to units and materials it provides across a wide range of geographic regions in the country.

9. Ambience Air Conditioning

An air conditioning supplier focused on the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, Ambiance Air Conditioning offers HVAC systems from international brands and professional installation. The boutique HVAC supplier has won a number of awards in recent years, including Advantage Air’s Premium Dealer of the Year and Airwell’s West Australia State Dealer of the Year.

10. Reece Limited
This local plumbing, waterworks, and HVAC distributor is one of Australia’s leading refrigeration, heating and cooling suppliers. Reece has 450 retail stores throughout Australia, providing customers with everything from top-of-the-line HVAC systems, to spare parts and technical support. It offers products from a wide variety of international and domestic brands.

Tadiran, a multinational provider of innovative air purification technology, is always interested in connecting with HVAC providers, whether they’re regionally or nationally-focused. And with ensuring indoor air is clean a higher priority than ever before, Tadiran’s hydrogen peroxide-based air purifier TADIRAN AIROW™ is likely to appeal to your commercial and residential customers alike.

TADIRAN AIROW is a plug-and-play solution that can be seamlessly installed into an existing HVAC system, with no costly or time-consuming revamp needed. If you’re an HVAC provider looking to learn more about how Tadiran products can benefit your customers, get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.




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