10 Benefits of Using an Air Filtration System for Home

10 Benefits of Using an Air Filtration System for Home

From allergy relief to a lower risk of airborne illness, check out these amazing benefits of a home air purification system.

After spending so much time at home over the last year, many of us have re-discovered the joys of the domestic arts. Whether it’s baking, rearranging furniture, or tending to a collection of house plants, people are embracing home improvement like never before. But there’s another step you can take to dramatically upgrade your living space – and it doesn’t involve new throw pillows or a fresh coat of paint.

An air filtration system for your home ensures that the air in your living space is free of harmful viruses, bacterias, and other nasty contaminants that can affect your health. It also makes it easier to keep your home clean, and boosts the functioning of your AC system – along with some other surprising benefits.

Our List of Top 10 Benefits of Using an Air Filtration System for Home

1. Reduce the risk of airborne illness

It’s slightly disgusting to think about, but many of the viruses that make us sick are found in the air we breathe. When someone who is sick sneezes or coughs, they expel infected droplets into the air. Those droplets remain in the air and may be inhaled by others later, causing illness. Diseases ranging from the common cold to COVID are spread via airborne transmission.

An air purifier for your home can help keep you and your loved ones safer from a number of airborne illnesses. According to the EPA, air purifiers can help cut down on the risk of airborne transmission of many common viruses.

2. Relieve your allergies

Whether it’s because of pet dander, seasonal pollen, or dust mites, allergies are commonly triggered by the air we breathe. Home air purifiers effectively filter out a wide variety of airborne contaminants that lead to allergy symptoms like watery eyes, wheeziness, and overall discomfort. A 2018 study found that air purification systems provided significant relief for allergy sufferers over a four-week trial period.

3. Lengthen your AC’s lifespan

One of the long term benefits of an air purifier is the support it provides to your air conditioning system. Large amounts of indoor air pollution can put a major strain on your HVAC unit.
Filters, fans, and other parts of your air conditioning system will function less effectively when they’re clogged with dust and other pollutants. An air purifier can help extend the life of your AC by removing airborne contaminants that add an extra burden on your system.

4. Protect your children and the elderly

While indoor toxins are not healthy for people of any age, the World Health Organization has found that kids and elderly people are particularly susceptible to the ill effects of airborne contaminants. If you live in a multi-generational household, an air purifier is an easy way to protect your loved ones.

5. Enjoy a better smelling home

If you’re a pet owner or a smoker, it’s likely that your home contains some stubborn scents that are impossible to neutralize, no matter how hard you try. But one of the most surprising benefits of using an air purifier at home is that the system can remove foul-smelling particles from the air, leaving you with a fresher smell throughout your house.

6. Ease asthma symptoms

Numerous studies have linked indoor air quality to the severity of asthma symptoms. The connection is clear – poor indoor air quality exacerbates respiratory issues in people with asthma, and can even trigger a full blown asthma attack.

A recent study found that the use of an air purifier notably reduced asthma symptoms in children. If you or a loved one have asthma, a home air purification system can make a world of difference in your everyday quality of life.

7. Achieve superior sleep

Researchers from the University of Denmark discovered that the quality of the air we breathe has a major impact on our sleep quality. It’s as important as the temperature in the room and noise levels!

With lower risks of heart disease and obesity directly correlated with proper sleep, it’s clear that enough rest is a critical component for overall health. Consider air conditioning with air filtration or purification systems that can help improve your sleep quality.

8. Improve your overall wellness

According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality can cause a litany of health issues, ranging in severity from eye, nose, and throat irritation to respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer. Extended exposure to unfiltered airborne contaminants can seriously chip away at your overall wellness.

By investing in a quality air purifier for your home, you’re taking an important step towards boosting you and your loved ones’ overall health for years to come.

9. Appreciate better climate control

While many people assume that their air conditioning system works no matter the air quality indoors, that’s not necessarily the case. Air that’s thick with contaminants is more difficult for your AC system to cool or heat. Poor indoor air quality means a less effective HVAC system, and an air purifier can help your AC function more effectively.

10. Revel in easier housekeeping

Ever traced your finger over a surface in your home, and found it caked in dust? Even if you frequently clean, getting rid of dust can feel like a Sisyphean task with no end in sight. Luckily, an air purifier system can actually help you in your struggle.

Air purifiers suck dust and other airborne pollutants right out of the air, trapping the particles within internal filters inside of the device. This means less dust finding its way into nooks and crannies throughout your home. But not all air purifiers rely on a passive filter-based approach to fight indoor air pollution.

TADIRAN AIROW leverages a unique active cleansing approach to purifying the air. It uses existing water molecules in the air, transforming them into airborne contaminant-zapping hydrogen peroxide. In FDA-cleared lab tests, the system has been proven to eliminate viruses at a rate of 99.999%, bacteria at a 99.999% rate, and mold at a 99.997% level.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best home air purifiers, get in touch with us at Tadiran. We’d love to guide you in your search.

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