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Clean air in hospitals and medical centers: mission critical


With the stakes higher than ever, healthcare providers need the right solutions to keep their air clean and ensure that both patients and staff are safe.

The pandemic has elevated indoor air quality from a niche concern to priority number one, especially in medical settings. With researchers finding that a stunning 1 out of 4 hospitalized COVID patients in the UK acquired the virus while in the hospital, the consequences of poor air filtration in medical centers are startlingly clear. But beyond COVID, there are other risks to patient health that stem from indoor air quality in hospitals.

Invisible danger: airborne contaminants and patient risk

Antibiotic resistant bacteria, which are often present in hospital and medical center air, also known as superbugs, may lead to severe, even life-threatening, illness in patients. The CDC classifies these nasty pathogens as a major threat to public health. 


Molds are allergens that can cause irritation, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms in healthy people. Those with compromised immune systems and preexisting chronic health conditions are particularly at risk. At one Seattle hospital, infections caused by mold spores were linked to the deaths of six patients.

Medical center administrators must embrace the most effective solutions in hospital air filtration to keep both staff and patients safe. With everything from public health to a medical center’s reputation on the line, ensuring that the air is pathogen-free has become mission critical.

How air purification systems can help -hospital air purifier system

Reducing airborne contaminants in hospitals is key for patient outcomes. An air purifier for your medical office or a hospital room can make a tremendous impact towards improving indoor air quality and protecting patients and staff. 

The problem is that not all healthcare air purifiers are created equal. For example, filter-based systems can help remove large particles from the air, but don’t stop the floating pathogens which lead to serious illness.

A hydrogen peroxide-based air purifier, which kills airborne pathogens, is the best choice for your medical center. These types of air cleaners go beyond simply taking contaminants out of the air – they actively neutralize molds, viruses, and bacterias via a highly effective, yet safe to breathe, chemical reaction.

TADIRAN AIROW – Proven efficacy

TADIRAN AIROW air purification system has been proven to dramatically reduce the presence of airborne, molds, and bacterias, both in lab settings and in real world field tests. 

With the health of your patients and staff, as well as your medical center’s good name on the line, consider a highly effective hydrogen peroxide air purifier to boost air quality and ensure that your air is free of harmful contaminants.

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