Is an Air Purifier For Viruses Really Effective?

Is an Air Purifier For Viruses Really Effective?

Wondering if you can use an air purifier to ensure your indoor air is virus free? We’ve got the answer.

With the COVID-19 pandemic elevating public awareness around airborne viruses to new levels, many people – from parents to school administrators to office managers – are looking for ways to ensure that their indoor air is virus-free.

As indoor spaces have emerged as hotspots for transmission of diseases beyond COVID, such as the common cold and the flu, air purification systems have emerged as a possible solution for mitigating the risk of airborne illness.

The problem is that not all air purification systems are useful for managing indoor virus spread. Some may be able to reduce dust and other common allergens but aren’t effective against biological pathogens like viruses, molds, and bacteria. So do you need specialized air purifiers for germs and viruses? Read on to find out.

Do air purifiers work for viruses?

So the answer to this question is both yes and no – it depends on the type of air purification system you use. Some air purifiers have the ability to eradicate airborne viruses, while others are completely unable to do so.

Whether or not an air purifier destroys viruses depends on the type of technology used by the system. A filter-based air purifier will not stop viruses, while hydrogen peroxide and UV-based systems can eliminate airborne viruses.

Why isn’t an air filter for viruses good enough to protect you and your space? The reason is simple. Air filters work similarly to a net, cleaning the air via small holes that catch airborne pollutants passing through the filter.

Dog hair, dust, and other relatively large matter are the types of contaminants snagged by standard air filters. But super tiny particles, like viruses, can slip through. That’s not to mention that these filters quickly become choked with the air pollutants they snag, meaning that they need to be regularly switched out or risk losing their efficacy.

For the following reasons, filter-based air purifiers are not effective at virus removal. But other air cleaning solutions are able to remove viruses from indoor air.

Air purifiers for viruses and bacteria: an overview

Solutions that use germ-eradicating technology can remove biological pathogens from the air and “kill” them, rather than simply trap large floating particles as filter systems do. For an air purifier that is effective against airborne viruses, your options are pretty much limited to systems that use UV light or hydrogen peroxide for air cleaning.

An air purifier for viruses, which utilizes UV light or hydrogen peroxide, can help keep you and your space free of harmful airborne contaminants, including molds, bacteria, VOCs, and yes, viruses.

But not all of these systems are created equal, as UV solutions require a greater commitment to maintenance than hydrogen peroxide systems. You should also keep in mind that a system dependent upon bulbs and lights will also use more electricity, and may wind up costing you more in monthly electricity bills.

What’s the best air purifier for viruses?

For potent air cleansing that destroys viruses, but won’t break the bank, you need a hydrogen peroxide air purification system. Hydrogen peroxide, a compound commonly found in everything from first aid wound cleaners to toothpaste, is super efficient at eliminating airborne pathogens when used in tiny amounts.

It’s also the more economical choice, as it consumes a minimal amount of energy (less than 1W). Unlike UV systems, which require bulbs (which can cost hundreds of dollars, both in electricity costs and replacements after burning out) hydrogen peroxide systems are essentially a one-time investment that requires little to no upkeep.

TADIRAN AIROW™ is a powerful air purification system that is highly effective at eliminating airborne viruses, bacteria, and other biological pathogens. The hydrogen peroxide-based air purifier uses unique proprietary technology, to transform water molecules already present in the air into pathogen-eradicating hydrogen peroxide.

In FDA-cleared lab tests, AIROW was found to reduce levels of the COVID-19 virus by 99.998%. Beyond COVID-19, it’s also been proven to slash levels of molds, bacteria, and other viruses by up to 99% in indoor spaces.

A plug-and-play solution, AIROW can be seamlessly installed into your space’s existing HVAC system. Virtually maintenance-free, TADIRAN AIROW is a true no-fuss, hands-off solution that doesn’t require constant, expensive upkeep.

To learn more about how our hydrogen peroxide air purifier can eliminate viruses in your space and keep you safe, get in touch with us. We’d love to guide you in your search.

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